Termd Of Service

Updated On: January 1st, 2019

After buying any product you automatically agree to our Terms Of Service


The product shall not be used to commit any kind of crime or anything against the law. Abonix.Host does not promote the usage of the product for illegal activities and does not hold any responsibility or claim for illegal activities committed by using this product.

1. Botnets are not allowed.
2. Malicious traffic is not allowed.
3. Illegal Streaming Files/External links are not allowed.
4. Phishing sites are not allowed.
5. Webstressers are not allowed.


1. If You withdraw any payments made via a bank, credit card or PayPal account (a "chargeback") AbonixHost will either defend such chargebacks directly with the card issuer, or take appropriate steps to recover the original monies from You in addition to an administration fee for each inappropriate chargeback raised.

2. If a chargeback is made, Abonix.Host reserves the right to immediately interrupt, suspend or cancel all services within your Account. Such interruption, suspension or cancellation does not relieve You from paying all contractually obligated invoices to Abonix.Host


If any problems will appear during the usage of the product or any help will be needed with the setup or failed payments the Abonix.Host's support will be avaible depending on the plan choosen (Normal/Priority Support), if any other types of motivations not mentioned above will be used to contact the support we have the right not to respond to the requests.

Payments and Billing

If any payment made by the customer using any payment method was declined or any problem occurred we invite you to contact our support, no refunds will be given if not enough proofs are sent or if any inusual activity is detected.

1. All sales are final which means we dont provide refunds.

2. Billing won't be automatic but trough live/email/chat contacts with the customers, so no credit cards will be required since it won't be a recurring subscription.

3. If a monthly payment won't get renewed Abonix.Host has all the rights to either suspend or terminate the service running under it.

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